Based in the North West (Lancashire) offering:

  • Herbal Choices
  • Reiki
  • Aromatherapy
  • Dog walking
  • Herbs & plants
  • Foraging
  • Holistic info


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What do we offer

Applied Herbal Choices Consultation

This allows animals to select what they need for their own health and well-being using only natural products such as herbs and essential oils. Nothing is added to their food but offered for them to choose.

Reiki Sessions for animals

Rebalancing energy through the body, Reiki could help with a number of issues, including anxiety and aches and pains. 

Aromatherapy for animals

How does aromatherapy affect your animal? 

Essential oils are currently offered as part of the Herbal Choice Consultation with Bach Flower Remedies to be added towards the end of the year.

Dog Walking

We know your dog is important to you so let us treat them to an enriching walk, looked after by us as if they were our own.  We operate in Darwen, Blackburn and surrounding areas.

Herbs and Plants

Information about  biodiversity and the benefits of plants and herbs in your garden, yard or patio.  Plus  hedgerow/field and sensory garden plants for your animals.


What is foraging?  Do animals naturally forage or browse on plants? Find out more about this on a forage walk.

The Holistic Approach

A range of topics highlighting holistic options in the care of your animal - from communication to worming, and many others.

Photo Gallery & Testimonials

Why not have a look and see what we do, and what people say about us.

Events 2018

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