All prices are inclusive of VAT

Payment Options

Payment can be made:

  • via Paypal or Cheque prior to the session taking place, or
  • by cash or credit/debit card at the session.

Details outlining payment options is sent through with information about the session is requested.

Our Privacy Policy in line with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

Personal data collected by us will include your name and address, and data relating to the health and history of your animal, as well as any changes that may occur to their health, well-being or performance.  You may have access to your data and have the right to request this to be erased.  Information will only be shared with the animal's vet or other professionals as requested by you and the animal's vet. Your data will be securely stored for up to 7 years, and will only be used by us for communication with yourself.  Should you have a complaint, you have the right to request contact details in order to lodge this.