A bit about Gina


Looking back, animals have been an integral part in my life; from the Guinea pig, budgerigar, Syrian hamsters and cats we had in our childhood; to the cockatiel, gerbil, dwarf hamsters and cats in my younger years.  I am currently guardian to a rescue dog (Tigger) and up until his recent passing, a rescue cat (Guy).  I had, and have, a deep love and respect for each and every one of them.  

From around the age of nine I regularly rode horses and had riding and jumping lessons, along with a weekend learning about horse care and preparation for competition. My relationship with horses continued after moving counties and I helped out at a local stables; and in return rode their horses. 

My sister and I also helped out on a local farm where we would regularly encounter its animal residents, as well looking after rabbits when their owners went on holiday and walking an elderly lady's dog. 


Prior to adopting our lovely dog I embarked upon my spiritual path, with a particular interest in the healing aspect. The positive ethos and meditation has allowed me to find calm, inner peace and a sense of balance. 

Complementary therapy was an integral part of my upbringing, which included homeopathic and herbal treatment options. 

I also enjoy exploring the scientific aspect and researching things in depth, as well as liaising with professionals.  This then gives me a better understanding of issues.  This approach helped with the array of issues displayed by Tigger (lead aggression, separation anxiety, nervousness and anxiousness) and has helped ease them.  

Being within the healthcare sector, and laboratory setting, for over 25 years has increased my knowledge and understanding of a variety of health issues.


Helping animals has always been a passion and was my motivation to embark on my training. 

I have an enhanced CRB check and am fully insured for all services offered.


  1. I will not diagnose and am aware of my own professional limitations.
  2. I will only arrange to see an animal whose illness or ailment has been first diagnosed or reviewed by a vet.
  3. I will work with respect and in partnership with both the animal and their guardian.
  4. I will respect the confidentiality of both the animal and their guardian

We ensure all sessions move at your animal's own pace; and with empathy, kindness and respect for your animal.

Training to date


Courses and CPD Sessions

  • Animal Psychology (Cats, dogs and rabbits) - Distance Learning (Online Academies)
  • First Aid for Cats and Dogs - Myerscough College (Denise Chapman)
  • Animal Magic Reiki© Diploma Training (Level 1 and 2) (including completion of 10 initial and follow-up case study sessions (cat/dog/horse))- Norfolk (Niki Senior)
  • Holistic Canine Care Course - Physical, Social and Psychological Needs of the Dog - Myerscough College (Ann De-Rizzio)
  • Animal Communication Workshop (with animals in attendance) - Leeds (Pea Horsley)
  • Equine, Feline and Canine Behavioural Assessments - (Rose Holistic Therapies and Training) 
  • Applied Herbal  Choices for Animals Consultant Training (including completion of 7 initial and follow-up case study sessions (cat/dog/horse)) – Oxfordshire (Rose Holistic Therapies and Training) 
  • Forage days (Spring, Summer and Autumn) including preparation of herbal teas, hydrosols, salves and macerates, and berry leather  - Oxfordshire (Rose Holistic Therapies and Training) 
  • How essential oils work in the body - On-line course (Robert Tisserand) 
  • Essential Oils for Animals - An Introduction - Distance Learning (Essential Animals - founded by Nayana Morag)
  • Horse Care and Management Diploma (Distinction) -  Distance Learning (Centre of Excellence) 
  • Aromatherapy Study Day, Rediscovering aromatic plants and their essential oils - Kew Gardens (Dr Vivienne Anthony)
  • Master Herbalist Diploma (Distinction) - Distance Learning (Centre of Excellence) 
  • Study Day - Research & Practical Herbal Knowledge to Support the Microbiome in Animals - Oxfordshire (Dr Michael, Equibiome)
  • Gut Brain Microbiota Axis Seminar - Association of Naturopathic Practitioners, Manchester (Kate Osbourne, Genova Diagnostics)
  • Introduction to Equine Behaviour Workshop - Equine Body Language - Home Farm Holistic Livery (Stephanie Loveridge, Equine Kind)
  • Health and Environment -  On-line course (OpenLearn - The Open University)
  • Herbalism: Growing Medicinal plants -  On-line course (Udemy - Elizabeth Heck)
  • Herbalism: Identify and Harvest  Wild Medicinal plants  - On-line course (Udemy - Elizabeth Heck)
  • Northern Root Medicine - Angelica Workshop (including preparation of herbal glycerite) - Bolton (Edwina Hodkinson)
  • Fire in the Belly - Medicine for the Digestive System Workshop (including preparation of live sauerkraut and kefir) - Bury (Edwina Hodkinson)
  • Essential Oils for Emotional Health & Wellbeing - Holistic Wellbeing (Eileen Doody)
  • May Day Wild Medicine Walk - Moses Gate Country Park, Bolton (Edwina Hodkinson)
  • The Green Path Mini Class - On-line course  (Eatweeds - Robin Harford)
  • Animal Physiology: Respiration and Gas Exchange - On-line Course (Udemy - Scott Turner)
  • Hedge Laying Course - Ladderedge Country Park, Leek (Staffordshire Moorlands District Council)

Association/Society Membership