What is Reiki?


Reiki is a form of energy healing that works holistically, and is a non-invasive therapy. This energy is transferred or transmitted to the animal through the hands of a practitioner, providing natural healing vibrations.  This then flows to the area it is needed most; assisting the animal in its natural healing process by releasing emotional blocks and balancing energies.  This in turn could promote  relaxation which could have a positive impact on some behavioural issues.

 Reiki can be given by either hands-on (by placing hands on the animal), by distance (where hands are placed at a distance from the animal), or by absent (where the animal is not present). 



 Reiki should always be given with love, and a calmness of mind, to open up the communication channels.  This helps identify any possible energy imbalances in Chakras (which are the centres of energy within the body).  It can be both an emotional and spiritual experience.   

 Reiki could help:

·      Aid recovery from an illness, surgery or injury

·      Relieve stress, calm anxious and nervous animals

·      Raise energy levels 

·     Relieve aches and pains


 When animals are open to receiving Reiki they are very sensitive to the healing energy.   

At a session an animal will indicate their preference as to how, and if they wish to, receive Reiki, and when they wish a session to conclude.  During the session itself they may enter a deeply relaxed and peaceful state.

If you wish to arrange a session please contact us and we will send through the appropriate consultation form for completion.  

Animals are able to see or perceive Auras and energy that radiates from your body, and those of an animal lover are extremely soothing to animals, inspiring trust and confidence.